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Leslie Jordan stars in Sordid Lives: The Series [22 Jul 2008|01:16pm]


Hi all!

Leslie Jordan is starring in a new show for the network Logo.  It's going to be on tomorrow night (Jul 23) at 10pm EST.  Not sure about the other time zones.  I saw the Sordid Lives movie and LOVED it.  Hilarious.  Anyway, you can find out more info by going here:  http://www.logoonline.com/shows/dyn/sordid_lives/series.jhtml

They also have icons and stuff for your webpage here:  http://webtools.logoonline.com

<3 Fitzie
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X-posted. [09 Jun 2008|01:23am]

I met Michael Cassidy tonight after the play he was in in Culver City. I haven't posted the pictures yet, but there's a mighty detailed post about it here, left public for everyone's reading pleasure. :) If you check tomorrow, there'll be pictures posted of me, Michael and the Zach Stevens from the OC doll that zybszko made for me. =)

Life = complete!
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*Kicks Tumbleweed* [15 Feb 2008|04:32pm]

[ mood | sore ]

This community hasn't been posted in since like June. O___O

I just randomly remembered about this show and I was wondering if it was cancelled. rotfl. I heard it probably was going to be. So... is it? Because if it hasn't, I haven't been watching. But I'm pretty sure it was. :/

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via hidden-palms.com [27 Jun 2007|07:27pm]

Via our site Hidden Palms Online

After "Stand By Your Woman" they announced the SERIES FINALE next week..what are your thoughts on this? Do you think we can "save" Hidden Palms or have it bought by another network? Share your opinions!
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Mulligan Mulligan Mulligan [21 Jun 2007|08:49pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Mulligan Mulligan Mulligan

Dial up Friendly
* Credit shawnawitter

( Jonny greta ,cliff & Nikki ( No Liza or Adults) )

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Episode 6 [21 Jun 2007|12:07pm]

Does anyone know where I could find last nights second episode of Hidden Palms? I set the Tivo a loong time ago, and I didn't realize there was going to be a second episode aired that night until I saw a commercial during the recording-- and by then of course, it was already too late. And they are no longer showing the reruns on Sundays, so I am a bit out of luck :| If someone has it and could upload it or something, it would be a HUGE favor :) Thanks!
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EMAIL THE EXECS NOW! [20 Jun 2007|10:04pm]

For all those who want HP to stay alive;

"Today after the show airs in your area, email feedback@cwtv.com ; with the subject line "SAVE OUR SHOW:HIDDEN PALMS". What we want to accomplish is an obvious and enormous show of support, everyone's subject line should be the same, but in the body of your email, say whatever you would like the CW to know.

Remember, do not email this address until after the show airs."
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[18 Jun 2007|10:36am]

I didn't see anything against this in the rules so I thought I'd ask...
   Is there anyone that could make some Hidden Palms layouts?  I said something about this and friends only banners on hidpalmsgraphix but have as of yet gotten no response there... but I've seen the lovely friends only banners and other banners on here and thought I'd see if anyone in this community is any good at doing the layouts.
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friends only banners [18 Jun 2007|12:05am]

I made a couple of friends only banners, and thought I'd share :)

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icons and banner [16 Jun 2007|10:19pm]

hey! sorry about the lack of teaser but i've got 12 icons and a banner/fanart to share over here.
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